Artist Statement

What is art?

That is a question you cannot ask.

Asking "What is Art?" forces the answer into the realms of reason and logic, which is far detached from the world of Art. Art cannot be subjected to reason for it doesn't fit there, it is beyond reason. When Duchcamp moved the coat rack further and further into the gallery, he forced the question, "What is Art?". The Art world has yet to recover from that seemingly innocent act. Artists of the 20th Century have been forced to either create Art that faced that question, or art the ignored the whole issue altogether. The resulting Modern Art movement alienates those that seek more from art than reason can provide.

Now as we enter the 21 century, Artists such as myself refuse to acknowledge the forces that ask those questions. We create our images looking for that something more that cannot be expressed through words or found in the thoughts of western philosophies. Some quality that can only be found by looking for answers to unaskable questions inside of one's self. The art of this new millennium will show, in detail for all to see, the relationship between the artists and the Art, the journey of the artists into inventing the world that surrounds him. Paintings alive with the discovery of creation, not stagmented be the forces of reason. Art that again will lead thought, not be subjected unto it.

Paintings Included in:

First Annual Juried Arts & Crafts Festival
     Kensington, Md. September 2001

Alpha/Omega Galleries, Inc., "First Annual Looking for a Local"
     Roswell, Ga. December 1998

Gallery by the Sea, "Fright or Flight"
     Los Angeles, Ca. September 1998

Artscape, "Artscape Juried Exhibition"
     Baltimore, Md. Summer 1996

The One World Cafe, The Vestage of a Dream (a one man show)
     Baltimore, Md. November 1995

UMBC Annual Student Exhibition
     Baltimore, Md. Spring 1995

Artscape Fine Arts Marketplace
     Baltimore, Md. 1992, 1993, 1995

The Clara Kott von Storch Gallery, "Introducing the Radicals"
     Detroit, MI. September 1994

Riverwalk Fine Arts Festival
     York, Pa. 1993

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